Admission & Tuition


Our next Virginia course cycle begins June 2024.


Our next Minnesota course cycle begins June 2024.

Electronic week: June - July.

Admission Checklist

Are you able to meet all the requirements

Are you available for all virtual and in-person sessions? 

Do you understand the financial commitment

How much does Montessori Training Cost?

It's important to the Admissions Committee that you have a clear understanding of the commitment to both a full program of study and the related financial implications.


Minnesota Tuition

Fees applied towards tuition:

  • $100 application fee
  • $500 deposit
  • $6,300 remaining balance


Virginia Tuition

Fees applied towards tuition:

  • $100 application fee
  • $500 deposit
  • $6,300 remaining balance

Additional costs:

  • $411 AMS and MACTE registration fee (due by Sept 1)
  • $300 Illustrated Album fee
  • $500-$800 supplies


Payment plan:

You can choose to pay your tuition in full by June 1 or on a payment plan, with tuition split into three payments due by June 1, July 15, and October 15.



Participants must have access to the following materials to enroll in VMTEC credentialing courses: 

  • Computer or tablet
  • Webcam (may be built into the computer or mobile phone)
  • Microphone (may be built into the computer or mobile phone)
  • Internet connection
  • eMail account


Participants must feel comfortable performing the following tasks to enroll in the VMTEC credentialing courses:

  • Access internet and open web pages
  • Access email and open email messages
  • Open email attachments
  • Download and save attachments
  • Identify links and click on them

Additional requirements

  • Completed application
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 350-word typewritten statement demonstrating the candidate’s interest in the Montessori method of education and reason for pursuing a credential
  • Interview with VMTEC Admissions Representative

If you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree...

  • 1 set of official transcripts

If you have a High School Diploma or equivalent (eligible for Associate Early Childhood credential only)...

  • Verification of official high school diploma or equivalent (transcript or G.E.D.)

Interview Guidelines

During your interview with a VMTEC Admissions Representative, we'll review the following items:

  • Criteria for admission
  • Your eligibility for Credential or Associate’s Credential
  • Requirements, policies, rules and regulations for the course
  • The goals of the student are in accord with the goals of the program
  • You have a clear understanding of the requirements of the course and the financial commitment

Prior to program commitment, we strongly encouraged you to spend adequate time observing in Montessori classes and/or reading Montessori’s writings in order to develop an understanding of Montessori education and the role of the Montessori teacher.



Non-Discrimination Policy

VMTEC is non-sectarian and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and spiritual beliefs, handicaps, marital status, age, class, or political affiliation in administration of educational policies admission or tuition.

State Requirements

The state requirements for Child Care Centers in Virginia regarding staffing are defined in the Early Learning Standards by the Office of Health and Safety VA Department of Education

AMS Admission Requirements

Upon successful completion of all academic and practicum requirements, the student will be issued an AMS early Childhood Credential or Associate Credential as is determined by the American Montessori Society according to the adult learner’s highest level of education.

Notice of Cancellation

Adult Learners have 5 business days from signing the tuition agreement to cancel enrollment and receive a full refund minus the application fee. A copy of the Notice to Cancel is provided on the next page.

Tuition Refund schedule

1. An applicant who has been accepted into the program and who signs a contract to enter into the Montessori Early Childhood teacher training program has 5 business days to cancel before the start of the course schedule is entitled to a full refund of any monies paid with the exception of the non-refundable application fee.

2. After the program has begun until it is 75% completed, refunds for students who withdraw from the program are determined on a prorated basis based on the number of days in the term as a portion of the total charges for tuition.

3. Once the program has surpassed 75% completion of the course cycle, no refunds will be granted.

4. This refund policy will be outlined, with a specific date for prorated refund based on the course schedule for that year, in the tuition agreement which serves as a contract between the adult learner and VMTEC.

5. If a student withdraws from the program at any time, the books that the student has purchased from VMTEC are considered the student's property and will not be accepted for a return for refund.

6. Any items purchased by the student and required by the program (3 ring binders, paper, page protectors, pencil, glue, dividers, etc) which are listed under supplies, are the property of the student. These items are not purchased from VMTEC and therefore monies for these items will not be refunded.

7. Any eligible withdrawals provided in writing to the Center will be acknowledged in writing within ten business days of receipt of withdrawal letter. Any applicable monies will be refunded within 30 business days.

8. If VMTEC cancels the program, courses or is unable to continue to operate, all tuition will be refunded.

9. If you do not withdraw in writing or contact the institution about your absence, and you have not attended your program for 21 consecutive days, you will be considered to have withdrawn from the school as of your last date of attendance.